How to Uproot Anxiety in 4 Simple Steps

It’s time we say no to fear, friend. It has been ruling us as a culture, as a people, for too long. Since the dawn of time fear has been hissing its lies at humanity and we have believed them.

Fear speaks to us everyday and more often than not, we listen. We go about our day and thoughts come to us..

“You are going to fail today.”

“Don’t say the wrong thing or you might make someone mad.”

“You’re going to catch the corona virus and die.”

“That person doesn’t really like you nor want to hear what you have to say.”

“You are never going succeed.”

“You will never overcome that struggle.”

“If you don’t wear makeup or the nicest clothes, people won’t accept you.’

The problem with these lies is that most of them time we believe them. WE rationalize how they might be true. WE create strongholds of fear in our lives as we meditate on them. It comes to no surprise that so many of us deal with anxiety.

According to the ADAA, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 40 million adults battle anxiety each year. It is also the most common mental illness in America. Due to this, many people have to take medication or cope with it their whole lives.

Friend! You do not have to live with anxiety. I want to share with you how Jesus set me free from anxiety and how He has helped me STAY free.

The Grocery Bag

Back in 2016 I had terrible anxiety. I had been struggling with it for awhile and was so tired of it. During this time I worked at Whole Food’s as a cashier and part of my job was bagging groceries. In California, most people hate plastic or paper bags and bring their own bag to the store.

One day fear came over me and I was so afraid to ask this lady if she wanted a bag for her groceries. (This is hilarious to me now lol. ) Fear had so much control of my mind that I was petrified to ask this simple question of her. In that moment I knew something had to change.

Fear of rejection was controlling my life. It was stealing my voice.

During this time I dealt with constant anxiety and pain in the chest. There were rare moments of relief but not enough to say I was free. I had tried everything but I still couldn’t pin point the root problem.

One day while I was at work I heard Holy Spirit say, “Begin to trace the moment you felt anxiety to the thoughts you were thinking right before.” At first it was VERY hard. Fear had such a grip on me that most of my thoughts were negative.

After asking Holy Spirit for guidance and paying attention to my thought patterns, I began to recognize the open doors – the specific thoughts giving anxiety access to my life.

Many people are trying to get rid of their anxiety instead of dealing with the root issue. That is like cutting fruit off a tree and expecting it to never grow back. That is actually going to make it produce more fruit.

Anxiety is not the root issue in your life, it is the fruit of fearful thought patterns that you have consistently agreed with.

Fear is the root issue. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of abandonment, fear of lack – all these must be resisted at the onset.

Retrace ~ Recognize ~ Renounce ~ Replace

As I began to trace the anxiety back to the thoughts I was thinking and then verbally coming out of agreement with it, I began to see real freedom.

For example :

  • FEAR: “That person is going to be mad at you if you ask her for a grocery bag.”
  • My mind: Yes, she probably will be. I should be afraid and say it in the nicest way possible so she doesn’t yell at me. *Feels anxiety*
  • Retrace the lie.
  • Recognize the lie: “If you ask her if she wants a grocery bag she is going to reject you.”
  • Renounce the lie: In the name of Jesus I come out of agreement with (insert lie) and repent for agreeing with it.
  • Replace with truth: Father God I thank you that you love me with an everlasting love and your perfect love casts out fear. I am safe in your love and totally accepted by you. What do you want to say to me?

Free indeed!

Through consistently doing this anxiety left my life. I do not cope with it or live with it any longer. I AM FREE! Why? Because I made a choice to stop listening to fear and to agree with Jesus.

If I feel anxiety, it means that I have opened the door to fear and need to renew my mind in that area. (Romans 12:2) This cannot be done without the help of Holy Spirit. The Bible calls Him the Spirit of Truth in John 16:13. It says that He will guide you into all truth and speak only what He hears from the Father.

The spirit of fear utters lies but Holy Spirit speaks truth straight from God the Father to you!

Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:31-32 NKJV

So you choose friend: lies or truth.

Begin to reject the spirit of fear and take your mind back. Write down the lies you are believing and replace them with truth! What are the lies? Anything that doesn’t line up with what God has said about you in His Word.

God has not given you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7) Holy Spirit will help you along this freedom journey! All you need to do is ask! Take responsibility for your thoughts and see God shift you from fear into love!

Anxiety isn’t forever. It isn’t final. Truth and Love have the last word!


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